Our firm acts as a broker to participate in public or private auctions promoted by Thai government agencies. Even a company with its excellent technology and name, if it does not understand business in Thailand in depth, will fail. In order to minimize such risks, A&J SOLUTION will provide you with full support and cooperation to help you win the bid, thanks to the technology and excellent information network of the various partners in Thailand. Also, if you have a business idea that can develop a new system for the Thailand society and the country, we propose this to the Thai government and allow you to proceed with the project if business feasibility is recognized.


It is possible to import Thai food that Koreans love, such as canned foods, fruits and seafood. We are also helping to open up restaurants that serve delicious and high-quality Korean food in Thailand.



Due to growing interest in K-beauty, Korean cosmetics are still catching on with the Korean wave craze. We are exporting Korean cosmetics to overseas according to a buyer’s tastes, such as strong brands that have already entered overseas markets, potential brands, and growing brands. We are helping to secure a target market through competitive prices and sufficient quantities, and raise awareness through marketing.



In Korea, one of the countries with the greatest interest in health, we have developed a product that fits perfectly. Therefore, we are exporting health foods and health supplements that we are interested in locally. On the contrary, it also functions to import excellent local products into Korea.



We receive inquiries about products that are considered to be excellent equipment and goods with excellent quality and performance, and are conducting market research and exporting to a local market. After exporting, we are also supporting advertisements at the same time.



We deal with items that establish a system, not in the form of a physical product. Because Korea is an IT powerhouse, we export locally suitable systems chosen from the excellent systems already developed. This system is one of the areas of greatest interest, as it can additionally export products. In addition, after your products have been introduced in Thailand, we are helping you advertise additional products at the same time.


In cooperation with an entertainment company in Thailand, we are preparing to help Korean people enter Thailand.